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      2. Bundesliga

        Thế giới giải trí · 2021-06-15 04:52:59

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        18 hours ago — The official Bundesliga website. The latest news, info and stats for clubs in 2020-2021 can be found here.

        Bundesliga ([ˌeːɐ̯stə-]), is a professional association football league in Germany. At the top of the German football league system, the Bundesliga is Germany's primary football competition. The Bundesliga comprises 18 teams and operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the 2.

        Welcome to the official YouTube page of the Bundesliga! Don't miss highlights from every game, exclusive clips and footage from your favourite Bundesliga pla...

        Follow all the latest German Bundesliga football news, fixtures, stats, and more on ESPN.

        · FC Bayern München

        · Bundesliga

        · Bundesliga

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        Bundesliga, Frankfurt am Main. 7753985 likes · 446714 talking about this. Welcome to the Official Facebook fan page of the Bundesliga. Sign up for the...

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